Insulin Resistance Reversal Treatment (IRRT) at Insulinic of Florida

Live your fullest life!

A groundbreaking approach designed to address the root cause of metabolic disorders is now available in Florida.

At Insulinic of Florida, smart diabetes management is within your reach. Our therapeutic facility is staffed with a team of healthcare professionals who understand what you are going through and can guide you.

Insulinic of Florida is a new therapeutic clinic providing a medically advanced solution to diabetes management.

We create an individualized care plan based on your diabetic symptoms, metabolism, and medical history to determine the best treatment plan for you.

The treatment is designed to reduce insulin resistance, which is the primary cause of Type-2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

Health outcomes reported by patients:

  • Energy
  • Wounds healing
  • Hair and nail growth
  • Erectile function
  • Blood sugar
  • Kidney filtration
  • Vision
  • Quality of life
  • Neuropathy
  • Weight
  • HbA1c
  • Medications
  • Fatty liver
  • Gastroparesis

Want to find out more about our infusion therapy program?

Come in for a free 1-on-1 consultation where you will meet with a member of our staff.

How is Insulinic of Florida better?

Insulinic of Florida is an advanced diabetes management and infusion center. Our unique infusion therapy, called Insulin Resistance Reversal Treatment (IRRT), uses an FDA-approved infusion “smart” pump that releases periodic pulses of insulin mimicking the way a healthy pancreas delivers insulin. This helps re-program the signaling and communication processes between the pancreas and other cells in the body addressing the root cause of diabetes instead of only suppressing the symptoms.

How does IRRT work?

Insulinic of Florida’s therapy involves periodic IV infusion of small amounts of insulin, alternating with the ingestion of dextrose. The intermittent pulses of insulin are monitored to ensure and maintain optimal blood sugar levels, based on the patient’s unique physiology and level of disease progression. By re-establishing the pattern of insulin secretion of a healthy pancreas and how it delivers insulin, this method is a highly effective and efficient way of giving the body the insulin it needs to reduce sugar from the blood.

An easy and relaxing experience!

  • 2 hour IV infusion therapy session
  • Comfortable reclining massage chairs
  • Read, or watch your favorite entertainment programming on the large screens.
  • Socialize with new friends and friendly staff
  • Free drop-in visits for weigh-ins and blood-glucose checks

Insulinic of Florida Benefits

Addresses the root cause.
Insulin is administered in a more efficient way addressing the primary cause of diabetes, being metabolic failure.

Reduces insulin resistance.
The therapy imitates the way a healthy pancreas delivers insulin, improving sensitivity and more efficient sugar uptake by cells.

Restores energy.
Energy restoration in the body’s cells allows damaged tissues and organs to grow, repair and regenerate. This helps reduce or in some cases even reverses the complications of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, significantly improving the diabetic’s health and quality of life.

Insulinic of Florida Benefits

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