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Insulinic of Florida's Mission: Partnerships for Diabetic Health

Our mission is to foster successful partnerships with medical professionals and patients, helping to provide effective and sustainable treatment of metabolic disorders, of which diabetes stands as one of the most currently pervasive health problems in our society.

It is our intention to support their efforts, and become the diabetes treatment of choice for those suffering the complications of metabolic failure.

Diabetes management and treatment - Insulinic of Florida

Insulinic of Florida specializes in advanced outpatient treatment as part of a full service diabetes concierge care service.

If you have Type-2 diabetes, your body has lost to ability to metabolize sugar because your cells have become resistant to the hormone called insulin that your body makes. The goal of our treatment options are to restore your body’s natural insulin sensitivity which ultimately should reduce the associated complications of living with diabetes.

Each treatment that you receive at Insulinic of Florida takes about two hours. Our team of medical professionals will administer metered amounts of insulin intravenously, with the use of an FDA approved ‘smart pump’. These micro-doses are delivered in pulses every few minutes, at a volume tailored to your specific metabolic condition.

It’s time to learn more about your diabetic treatment options and find out if Insulin Resistance Reversal Treatment (IRRT) is right for you. Contact the office nearest you or request your first appointment online to get started today.

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